Accolent ERP Resellers

Accolent ERP Resellers

Accolent ERP Resellers

Accolent ERP Resellers are able to resell Accolent ERP to end-user customers. Reseller partners already offer products that complement or expand on the already strong, existing functionality of Accolent ERP. You can read about this extended functionality below.

Basware Simplifies Your Life with E-Invoicing

Automate Your Procure-to-Pay Processes
Basware, the global leader in e-invoicing, works with Accolent ERP® to automate your whole purchase–to-pay process. Basware will scan your vendors’ paper invoices, capture the data, and deliver to Accolent ERP making it easy for you to validate, then process these — regardless of the invoice format that your vendors use.

Make E-Invoicing Part of Your Complete ERP Solution

  • Effortlessly convert all your paper invoices into electronic format
    lower your purchase-to-pay cost by 40-60%
  • Increase your early payment discounts and eliminate late payment penalties
  • Keep your vendors happy with secure, on-time, automated payments
    free up your staff to do more important things than chase down bills
    securely store and immediately access all your purchase invoices online
  • See and manage vendors’ invoices and check them against documented orders for full transparency and control

With Basware, There’s No More Late Invoices, Missing Invoices, or Excuses!

No matter how your suppliers send invoices and in what format you receive them, Basware ensures that they are routed safely.

Claritum Brings Spend Management and Competitive RFQ to Wholesale Distribution

Claritum Adds Spend Management

Now distributors can enjoy the powerful features of Accolent ERP along with Claritum’s strong spend management capabilities and enhanced RFQ processes.

Claritum addresses the complexities of day-to-day buying with sourcing tools that provide a unique combination of a structured closed-bid RFx (Request-for-Quote, Request-for-Proposal) and contract (pre-negotiated volume based deals). This approach empowers buyers to establish a ‘market’ or baseline ‘volume’ price and take advantage of market variances through ‘spot pricing’ RFxs.

Tackle Your Tail Spend

Tail Spend usually constitutes the 20% of spend that is ignored and not actively managed within your organization. It is usually composed of  low value, low volume and non-critical commodity products. Often, companies don’t manage Tail Spend because it consists of thousands of spend categories, and the best suppliers tend to be dispersed in different geographic regions and there are many transactions involved.

Claritum effective helps companies manage their Tail Spend, providing meaningful savings, reduced risk, and improved ROI.

Control Every Penny of Your Expenditures

Claritum enables centralized control of global purchasing, and enforces compliance and best practices across your business.

ShippingEasy adds Advanced Shipping Feature to the Accolent ERP platform.

Save on Shipping Costs

With ShippingEasy and Accolent ERP®, you will see significant savings with Flat Rate Green, Commercial Plus Pricing, and insurance. ShippingEasy customers have access to the lowest shipping rates available online – save up to 46% vs what you are likely paying now on shipping costs.

Sync orders coming in from Amazon, eBay, and other selling channels

ShippingEasy integrates with leading online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and many others, to allow automated order, tracking fulfillment data, and inventory levels to populate in real time across all systems.

Accolent ERP – ShippingEasy Integration

The Accolent ERP – ShippingEasy integration allows distributors to take orders in Accolent then seamlessly access ShippingEasy’s cost-saving shipping features. Once shipped, your data will be updated in Accolent and reflected throughout the rest of your ERP application, updating your inventory, accounting, etc., in real-time.

About Accolent ERP

Accolent ERP® is a web-architected, multi-tenant, load-balanced solution that runs completely in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) public cloud and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Accolent ERP is optimized for small and medium-sized distribution businesses and delivers full financial control and clear visibility into accounting, sales, ecommerce, CRM, customer service, billing, complex pricing, inventory management, purchasing, warehouse management, fulfillment and reporting. Accolent ERP's comprehensive end-to-end functionality meets the needs of distributors and light manufacturers across a wide spectrum of basic industries.

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