Inventory Management System for Magento

Accolent ERP Linkage delivers Inventory Management, Order Management and Processing, and a Warehouse Management System for Magento

Accolent ERP Linkage with Magento

Accolent ERP is directly linked via a set of managed APIs to the open-source Magento Community Edition. Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms by market share with a huge community of Magento developers. For online sellers that either need an inventory management system for Magento or a warehouse management system for Magento for existing stores, or want to create Magento stores linked with an ERP back-end, Accolent ERP is the perfect choice.

Install, Customize and Set Up Your Magento Store

Since the Magento system is open source, the software can be downloaded for free, installed on a hosting platform, and customized. If desired, we can download, install and link Magento to Accolent ERP for you. Magento has many free as well as paid themes available and has thousands of free and paid extensions to choose from. You can set up your Magento store and customize it yourself or we can assist you to get this done. This is the link to the Magento user guide.

Once the Magento store is set up, the initial loading of products and images from Accolent ERP to Magento couldn’t be simpler. From Accolent ERP, a utility will add all the products in a category to Magento one category at a time. Then any new product created in Accolent ERP when saved will automatically update Magento immediately. Similarly, when any products are changed and saved in Accolent ERP, the changes are automatically pushed to Magento immediately. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for products can be managed in Magento or in Accolent ERP and pushed to Magento.

Inventory Management System for Magento

Accolent ERP has extensive inventory management capabilities and can function as the inventory management system for Magento. Through the linkage with Magento, all transactions including shipping and invoicing, receipt of purchase orders, and manual inventory adjustments, that affect a product’s quantity on hand in Accolent ERP will automatically update the inventory in Magento as soon as the transaction is entered in Accolent ERP. In this way, Accolent ERP operates as the inventory management system for Magento and you won't have to do any Magento inventory management. The Magento quantity on hand for each product will automatically reflect the availability of inventory for all warehouses in Accolent ERP. When your stock levels fall, use Accolent ERP’s powerful purchasing and replenishment tools to re-stock. Stay on top of what is selling with Accolent ERP reports that show product sales by product by category and/or sub-category by group by vendor by customer by warehouse.

Order Management System for Magento

All orders placed in Magento are automatically updated to Accolent ERP and can be managed using Accolent ERP’s powerful order management and order processing features. Online customers will be able to go to your Magento store to browse through the store catalog or search for specific products and add these to their orders. To complete orders in Magento, customers pay securely via credit card through CardConnect®, a unit of FIServe/FirstData one of the largest global payment processors, that is integrated with Accolent ERP. Completing an order in Magento will automatically update Accolent ERP with the customer contact and account details, the order details, and the payment information using the Accolent ERP APIs. As the order is managed and processed in Accolent ERP the Magento store will be automatically updated with order status and shipping information. The order can be filled and shipped in Accolent ERP which effectively delivers the Magento inventory management and serves as the fulfillment engine for the Magento store.

Warehouse Management System for Magento

In addition to the inventory management for Magento and order management and processing, Accolent ERP also provides the fulfillment engine for orders taken from Magento. This warehouse management system for Magento gives your eCommerce store access to the extensive warehouse management and shipping features in Accolent ERP.  As orders are placed in Magento they will automatically show up in Accolent ERP. As orders are processed in Accolent ERP, Magento is automatically updated with the tracking number, shipped date, and invoice. Accolent ERP is linked directly to the major shipping carriers and to multi-carrier shipping solutions as well as multiple local carriers, ensuring that Magento orders get fulfilled efficiently.


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Accolent ERP Technology

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Implementation and Training

Let us show you how our comprehensive implementation and training programs will manage your transition and get you up and running on Accolent ERP quickly and painlessly.


Accolent ERP Linked to Magento

Now you can create online stores in Magento and use Accolent ERP to manage inventory, manage orders, accept payment, manage fulfillment and shipping:

  • Create Magento Stores– Download the open-source Magento Community Edition and we’ll link it to Accolent ERP. You can create multiple stores in Magento and manage all of these from Accolent ERP.
  • Inventory Management System for Magento– Track inventory levels at all times by warehouse and across all warehouses. Product inventory status shows what is on order what is being picked what is on backorder what is on PO and when it is expected and what is on transfers between warehouses. You can even track inventory by specific locations within warehouses. Use the replenishment report to reorder, create automatic POs for vendors. Receive POs, put-away in warehouses, and update inventory. Keep detailed vendor history by product to manage your purchasing.
  • Manage Magento Orders– See all Magento orders in Accolent ERP. Manage what orders can be filled immediately and what can be held awaiting receipt of inventory.
  • Fulfill Magento Orders– Effectively get a warehouse management system for Magento that lets you pick goods across one or multiple warehouses to fill orders, pack orders and create packing slips for each box, select shipping carriers, and get shipping rates, tracking numbers and print shipping labels. All shipping information from Accolent ERP automatically updates orders in Magento.
  • Ship, Invoice and Apply Payment– Once orders are confirmed as shipped, they can be invoiced in Accolent ERP and the payment taken applied against the invoice automatically.

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