Wireless Warehouse Control System for Distributors

Wireless Warehouse Control System Increases Warehouse Efficiency and Reduces Errors

Wireless Warehouse Control System

The Accolent ERP wireless warehouse control system significantly simplifies and streamlines warehouse operations. Accolent wireless warehouse control system uses simplified screens that can display on handheld devices. This mobility improves efficiency and accuracy of common warehouse operations with or without barcode scanning capabilities. The wireless WMS software module supports either all-in-one proprietary handheld devices or standard commercial-off-the-shelf ruggedized tablets and connected scanning gun devices. Allows use of wireless handheld devices for common warehouse management functions including: picking, packing, shipping, PO receiving, PO put-away and inventory count operations.

Order Fulfillment Processes

Covers order fulfillment process from picking to packing and shipping using barcode scanning to reduce processing time and minimize mistakes. Pick single orders or aggregate orders into a batch. Assign orders to pickers and set picking path by location or by user-defined sequence. Pack in boxes and record box contents and print packing slips and shipping labels. Record shipping information and release of goods from warehouse to shipping carrier.

Purchasing Processes

Covers the purchasing process from PO receipt, put-away and goods return. Select POs to receive, record and print receivers from wireless WMS software. Include put-away instructions on the receiver, if product locations are set up for the product. Return damaged goods to vendor for credit.

Physical Inventory Counts

Assign count sheets to warehouse personnel. Using Wireless WMS improves count accuracy. Warehouse personnel directly record counts which automatically update the system, eliminating handwritten count sheets and manual entry.


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


Accolent ERP Technology

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Implementation and Training

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Accolent ERP’s Wireless Warehouse Control System

Accolent Wireless WMS includes these key features:

  • Flexible Device Options – Supports proprietary all-in-one devices or commercial off-the-shelf tablets paired with scanning guns
  • Mobile, Barcode Scanning-Based – Complete all warehouse functions wirelessly; barcode scanning minimizes operator errors improving fulfillment results
  • Assign Pickers – Increase overall control of picking processes by assigning pickers that will see only their assigned orders
  • Set Picking Sequence - Pick orders as single orders or as a batch; set picking sequences to minimize overlap and maximize efficiency
  • Packing – Pack orders in boxes and accurately create packing slips and shipping labels
  • Shipping – Record shipping information when orders leave the warehouse
  • PO Receiving – Receive POs and generate put-away documents
  • Inventory Counts – Assign counts to specific personnel, reduce inaccuracies of handwritten counts and manual data entry
  • Warehouse Transfers – Wireless WMS treats picking a warehouse transfer as order fulfillment for the sending warehouse and receipt of a warehouse transfer as PO receipt for the receiving warehouse

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