In 2012, NCBA HDC completed the year-long substantial renovation of Samuel J. Simmons NCBA Estates in Washington, D.C.  The 175-unit high-rise represents NCBA HDC's flagship property.


Developing affordable housing can be challenging.  To bring a quality development to life requires coordination and concert among the many professionals involved.  Our network of partners enables us to create marketable, affordable and quality housing for low-income seniors. 


Whether building from the ground up or preserving or renovating an existing property, we consistently strive to exceed all Federal, State and Local regulatory standards and requirements.  From conceptualization to ribbon-cutting, we are mindful of prospective residents' health, safety, mobility and social needs as well as financial considerations.  Our sister company, NCBA Housing Management Corporation, was created to ensure that all properties under the auspices of NCBA reflect the organization's commitment to improving the quality of life for aging seniors.


Since 1977, NCBA HDC has developed or co-developed 12 senior housing facilities in eight states and the District of Columbia, providing more than 800 independent affordable senior residencies.